Welcome to the world of refined French patisserie! Tucked away in the vibrant city of Medan, Indonesia, lies a luxurious patisserie that will transport you to the delightful streets of Paris. HOWEY - a patisserie that has been delighting sweets and dessert connoiseurs with its delectable French & European treats.

  • The Store

    Upon entering the charming shop, you will be greeted by the sight and smell of freshly made cakes and other delectable pastries. The display case is filled with a variety of colorful macarons, petit gateaux, tarts, and other mouth-watering treats that will entice your taste buds.

  • The Creations

    The menu at HOWEY Patissier offers a range of classic French pastries, made only with the creme de la creme of ingredients, as well as modern cakes. The entremets are crafted fresh daily for your celebrations, while the tarts and petit gateaux are adorned with fresh fruits and chocolate decorations, perfect for your daily indulge. The macarons are a true specialty of the patisserie, with a diverse selection of flavors that are sure to leave you wanting more.

  • The Patissier

    HOWEY Patissier is the vision of its chef-founder, Howard, who has dedicated over 12 years of his life to perfecting his craft in the pastry industry. His expertise and devotion to food and art have enabled him to bring a piece of Europe to the heart of Medan. Together with his team, Howard believes that the secret to creating the perfect French pastry is to work with passion, dedication, and attention to detail.

HOWEY Patissier is more than just a place to indulge your sweet tooth; it is an enchanting experience that will transport you to a Parisian patisserie. The staff is welcoming and attentive, and the ambiance of the shop exudes an elegant charm. Whether you are in search of a quick pick-me-up or a luxurious dessert to savor, HOWEY Patissier is the perfect destination.


Frequently Asked Questions


We have entremets, petit gateaux and macarons ready in the store at Jalan Babura Lama No 4 Medan. If you need specific products at specific date and time, you may place your order via:

  • Whatsapp +62821 6717 4480
  • Email

Please list your full name, contact number, email, delivery request (if any), address, and any special requests such as greetings or the date and time you require your products to be ready upon ordering. After your order has been placed, full payment is to be paid directly to us by cash, payable cheques, credit card or bank transferred to:

8250055448 / HOWARD CHANDRA


Baby full month packages, snack boxes, dessert tables, gift vouchers, corporate special birthday cakes and custom bulk orders are available. Please contact us for further details.


For every purchase of entremet (whole cake), we provide complimentary chocolate inscriptions and a box of celebration essentials (a plastic knife, a pack of candle sticks and a lighter). Complimentary greeting card & ribbon are also available upon request and availability.


At HOWEY, we are committed to using only the finest quality ingredients available in all our products. We use couverture chocolates, European dairy and careful selection of local and imported ingredients in the kitchen. Each of the creation that HOWEY offers is handmade by a team of trained and talented chefs and cooks in our production kitchen.


All our products are freshly made in-store daily and have a limited shelf life. Please keep all products in the chiller (5*C) at all time and consume within the recommended shelf life:

  • Entremets (Whole Cake) 3-4 Days
  • Petit Gateaux & Pies 2 Days
  • Macarons 4-5 Days

After the time frame, slight deterioration of the product finishing may appear, however, the taste will not differ much. To get maximum enjoyment of your HOWEY products, we recommend you to consume within the suggested shelf life.


Please be advised that due to the warnings on some ingredients used at our kitchen, there may be traces of nuts, soy, dairy, and wheat products in all our products.

All our products are pork-free, however, some cakes may contain alcohol. Please contact us for further information. 


It is important to remember that all cakes and macarons are very delicate and fragile. To avoid any damage during transportation, we recommend that you keep your boxes flat at all times and avoid placing under the sunlight. The floor or boot of your car is the best place, never on the back seat. Please ensure your boxes are secure and will not slide around. We highly suggest not transporting cakes with a motorcycle.

Please note that once your cakes are in your care, it is important to follow these instructions as we will not take any responsibility for any damage incurred after you pick up the cakes.


In case of cancellation or postponement of your order, please give us a written notification or phonecall at least 24 (twenty four) hours before the pick up or delivery date. Cancellation on the day will incur 100% surcharge.

HOWEY cannot be held responsible for circumstances beyond its control, such as cancellation due to new law & regulations, force majeure (riots, terrorist attack, insurrection and natural disaster such as fire, earthquakes, virus outbreak etc) and other similar events. If any mentioned event occurs, HOWEY will assist clients to make an alternative arrangement to the best of its capacity. In the event of any cancellation, HOWEY will not refund or transfer the deposit made.


We are confident that you will love our products. We understand that there may be cases when things do not go accordingly nor perfectly as we intend. If you are not fully satisfied with our products, please reach us within the same day with the detail of products and receipt as proof of purchase. We will, at discretion, arrange a replacement or product refund for you.

Please order carefully as we cannot exchange or refund goods due to the perishable nature and improper handling of our products.


Jalan Babura Lama No 4
Medan - Indonesia

Mon - Sun
09.00 - 20.00

+62821 6717 4480